Modernize blood test interpretations to accelerate diagnoses and treatment plans

Identify emerging health issues and organ dysfunction earlier from blood tests you have already taken and receive insights to improve health

Accelerate patient diagnoses, optimize treatment plans, identify emerging health issues, and improve patient outcomes with comprehensive interpretations

Standardize the most accurate and comprehensive modern blood test interpretations to save clinical teams valuable time

Benefits for Patients, Providers, and Health Systems
powered by a global AI-based diagnostic platform

- Use blood test interpretations to improve health - Blood tests provide critical signals about how organs are functioning and overall health - Get labs in the optimal range with personalized insights from US board-certified integrative physicians - Understand, manage, and get directed care for optimizing health with medical expertise in minutes

How Blood Test Interpretations can help immediately

Understand Test Results

Understand everything you need to know about each test parameter, organ and its function and health.

Learn about Health Effects

Learn about the health implications of each component, ratio and calculation derived from blood tests.

Use Optimal Ranges

Use scientifically-proven optimal ranges, and not lab-provided “normal” values, to identify and lower risks of diseases.

Get Predictive Insights

Receive personalized precision healthcare insights based on blood test results.

Track Your Results

Implement insights and track blood test results over time to see health improvements.

Comprehensive Health Reviews

Combine blood test interpretations with genetics, epigenetics, and mind-body-emotional connections to optimize health.

How It Works

Step 1

Upload recent and past blood test results

Step 2

Receive summaries, personalized insights, and reports to understand organ function and health issues

Step 3

Discover early progression of health issues and predictive health impacts

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Why blood test interpretations matter
  • Advanced Health Academy (AHA) is a revolutionary platform that vastly improves people’s health by detecting disease early and then addressing it immediately. The goal is to find disease at the very beginning stages — when it starts showing as organ dysfunction. This is when disease is most effectively treated and cured.
  • AHA finds health issues by interpreting blood tests using the latest in global medical research.
  • Each biomarker tells a detailed story about specific organs and how they are functioning.
  • When AHA combines the biomarkers in comprehensive analyses, we get a robust snapshot of one’s overall health.
  • By leveraging integrative medicine with personalized contextual information, AHA detects issues and provides insights to address organs under duress and diseases at early stages. 
Choose Health Care instead of Sick Care
  • In our society, disease is typically diagnosed after we’re sick. When we feel sick, we see the doctor. If it’s critical, we go to the hospital.
  • Most doctors are focused on sick care, not health care. Doctors diagnose diseases that have already progressed to late stages when it’s difficult to reverse them.
  • How amazing would it be if healthcare could instead prevent major health issues from ever happening?
  • Imagine reinventing our healthcare model from reactive to proactive!
  • The wealthy already do this by leveraging concierge physician services and medical tests that are cost prohibitive and inaccessible to most people.
  • By interpreting blood tests and providing clear recommendations, AHA is helping democratize access to preventative and predictive healthcare.

More Than Blood Test Results - Your Life's Blueprint

- Blood test results are more than just numbers. They’re the blueprint of the body’s story. From little victories to major concerns, every detail matters. - AHA is here to ensure you and your loved ones understand and can act on every chapter of that story.

Industry-leading medical science

By using up-to-date global scientific research, AHA has removed the guesswork for both patients and physicians. We explain what labs are and what the results mean specifically to you.

AHA Analyses > Lab Values

Lab range values are dated and generic. AHA uses the most up-to-date medical science for each person's demographic profile.

Optimal Ranges > Normal Ranges

Science-backed optimal ranges yield better health visibility than lab normal ranges.

Comprehensive > Basic

AHA's comprehensive analyses provides a fuller and more accurate picture of disease progression than lab's basic results.

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