Save Time Interpreting Blood Tests and Increase Reimbursement

AHA accelerates provider workflows, saves costs and increases reimbursement

  • Providers combine AHA’s blood test interpretations with clinical context to more efficiently and accurately make differential diagnoses and treatment plans 
  • AHA improves patient outcomes and drives higher levels of reimbursement with comprehensive, predictive, and accurate blood test interpretations


AHA understands how primary organ systems are functioning and overall health


AHA quickly integrates with existing systems and workflows


AHA proactively detects health issues, such as Phase 2 disease progression


AHA provides root cause analysis of issues to help transform patient health and revise treatment plans

AHA's technical approach yields revolutionary results

Analysis includes 3,000+ rules (patient-demographic based calculations, ratios, etc.)
Exclusively hyper-focused on diagnostic blood test interpretations

Verified with longitudinal patient health data
Clinician-backed AIDE algorithm refined by decades of real-world outcomes data serving as a clinical co-pilot

Non-AI/ML, non-probabilistic AIDE rules engine
Any specific test results with medical history yields the same interpretation every time. No black box.

AIDE is strictly based on peer-reviewed global scientific research
Every interpretation can be traced to primary sources and designed for use by clinicians in ambulatory and inpatient settings.

Seamless Integration

– AHA seamlessly fits into your existing EHR systems and workflows

– Enhance existing tools medical teams use to improve patient experience and outcomes

– Eliminate extra administrative work and surface the most important information

Accelerate Patient Diagnoses and Treatment Plans

Save Time for medical professionals to triage and interpret blood test results

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