60%+ of patient visits result in missed diagnoses or misdiagnoses.

Modernize blood test interpretations to accelerate diagnoses and treatment plans

Support better health outcomes and clinical excellence with AHA’s intelligent, scalable solutions.

  • Blood tests play a critical role in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease. 
  • AHA cuts through these challenges to identify health issues and their root causes. 
  • Blood test interpretations are increasingly challenging when multiple biomarker values are in the abnormal range or even when all the values are within the normal range. 
  • With health care reform focused on efficient diagnosis and early intervention, the timely and accurate interpretation of blood test results is essential for quality patient care and managing overall costs.

Save time with consistent, comprehensive interpretations

Ensure precise blood test interpretations regardless of who reads or triages them

Expand health system capacity

Prevent physician and staff burnout / turnover by reducing time spent on a top 3 staff burnout driver

Optimize treatment plans

Inform health decisions, enhance triage to appropriate care, and help medical teams drive better health outcomes

Increase revenues

More comprehensive interpretations yield higher billing and reimbursement levels

Decrease avoidable costs

Minimize clinical administrative tasks

Reduce medical liability

AHA provides root cause analyses to help transform patient health and revise treatment plans

How AHA's benefits are realized

  • Get AHA’s comprehensive, predictive, and accurate blood test interpretations immediately after receiving the lab’s blood test results
  • Providers combine AHA’s blood test interpretations with their clinical context to efficiently make differential diagnoses and treatment plans 
  • Time saved for medical professionals to triage and interpret blood test results
  • Saves time and effort for medical teams to identify root causes of health issues and optimize treatment plans, thus supporting better patient outcomes

AHA's technical approach yields revolutionary results

Analysis includes 3,000+ rules (patient-demographic based calculations, ratios, etc.)
Exclusively hyper-focused on diagnostic blood test interpretations

Verified with longitudinal patient health data
Clinician-backed AIDE algorithm refined by decades of real-world outcomes data serving as a clinical co-pilot

Non-AI/ML, non-probabilistic AIDE rules engine
Any specific test results with medical history yields the same interpretation every time. No black box.

AIDE is strictly based on peer-reviewed global scientific research
Every interpretation can be traced to primary sources and designed for use by clinicians in ambulatory and inpatient settings.

Seamless integration into Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Clinical Decision Support Software (DSS) systems

  • No new logins are required.
  • Reduce admin work for physicians and medical professionals by an average of 3 hours each week so that they can do more of what they love — care for patients.

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