Decode the Secrets Within:
Transform Blood Test Results into Actionable Knowledge

Leverage AHA’s white-labeled, interactive capabilities within your patient portal, web app, and mobile app.

Get a poweful edge with your patients and customers.

  • Blood test interpretations can give your company a major edge. Blood tests offer a perfect snapshot of one’s health. 
  • With AHA’s comprehensive, predictive and accurate interpretations, you can help your clients, patients and customers attain their optimal health.

Integrate a powerful digital health experience

  • Amplify your customer’s health journey by integrating the most comprehensive, predictive, and accurate blood test interpretations into your customer-facing applications, workflow and analyses. 
  • Helps you triage patients to the right care for their health needs
    • Support primary care, urgent care, and call center capacity and efficiency and increase utilization with cost-effective services like telehealth
  • Provide clinicians additional context and enhance the patient-doctor experience
    • Give physicians and medical staff a clinical summary for more informed time with patients. Saving more than 1 minute in 65% of consultations
  • Receive blood test interpretation health conditions and root causes that practitioners may consider in their diagnosis

Embed AHA into your technology stack
and delight your customers

AHA's white-labeled, interactive technology can be embedded into mobile & web applications
Seamless and hassle-free integration.
Easy web, app, and portal integration with API’s and SDK’s
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Secure EHR integration using FHIR
Simplified language that empowers patients to take charge of their health
Single Sign-On (SSO) for seamless UX

Provide valuable health insights to customers

  • Consumers love that AHA offers them clarity, reduces anxiety that prompts them to Dr. Google, and gives them the information to take control of their health.

Use our APIs to seamlessly integrate with your applications

  • Get maximum flexibility with a superior embedded experience. Integrate with your existing apps
  • SDKs for easy integration
  • Feature-rich APIs
  • Webhooks for notifications